CIROC publishes annually on organized crime and the fight against it in both the Dutch and the English-language Newsletter. It includes information from own research or research from other institutions, usually linked to the theme of a seminar. The aim is to make this information accessible for different groups.

August 2020





  • On irregular migration from Eritrea, human smuggling and ‘criminal networks’ - Joseph Whittle and Georgios A. Antonopoulos
  • Are there “foreign mafias” in Italy? The case of Nigerian secret cults in the North of Italy - Martina Cataldo
  • Organized crime or local nuisances? Criminalizing drugs and hanging out in the Wildemanbuurt in Amsterdam-West - Thijs Jeursen and Maggie Achleitner
  • Raising Moral Barriers. An empirical study on the Dutch approach to outlaw motorcycle gangs -Teun van Ruitenburg
  • ‘High-risk’ Dogs, Dog Fighting and Criminal Networks in the Netherlands - Daan van Uhm, Dina Siegel, Anton van Wijk and Nienke Endenburg

New Publications of Dutch authors (in English)