CIROC publishes annually on organized crime and the fight against it in both the Dutch and the English-language Newsletter. It includes information from own research or research from other institutions, usually linked to the theme of a seminar. The aim is to make this information accessible for different groups.

March 2019






  • The punitive meanings of immigration control: The Spanish case - Byron Villagomez Moncayo
  • The Illegal Adoption Market - How the German and Dutch Adoption Systems Facilitate the Trafficking in Children for the Purpose of Adoption - Elvira Loibl
  • Hostage-taking as contract enforcement among migrants and smugglers - Charlotte Baarda
  • The client side of everyday corruption in Central and Eastern Europe: The case of Chinese migrant entrepreneurs in Romania - Jing Hiah


  • Estimating market sizes and the volume of money laundering: the inconvenient truth? - Hans Nelen

New Publications on organized crime by Dutch authors