Centre for Information and Research on Organised Crime (CIROC) organise:

Seminar at May 25, 2016:

'Refugees in Europe'

The present refugee crisis and its impact on EU institutions, national policies and civil society in Europe constitute a challenge for decision makers, law enforcement and researchers various disciplines and countries. Mass migration of ‘unwanted’ people always causes major fears: that the existing security measures will not be able to control and regulate the large numbers of refugees, that organized crime will expand its activities (human smuggling, fraud, etc.), that among refugees there will be war criminals and jihadists.


These fears became a focus of the current public debate, of the new governance policies and security measures. At this CIROC seminar leading experts on migration, risks and security from the Netherlands and abroad will present their research and participate in discussion on the situation in regard to the refugee crisis in the EU in the last months. In the morning session of the seminar the focus will be on the mobility of Syrians, the (criminal) smuggling networks that facilitate this mobility and the reactions of the EU and Turkey trying to control this mobility. In the afternoon the focus will be much more on the reception of Syrian refugees through presentations on the asylum procedures and NGO’s dealing with supporting rejected asylum seekers.